Associate professor, Program Advisor & Vice President for Faculty Congress

Company Name: Assistant Professor, Navajo Technical University Full-time
Dates Employed :Sep 2019 – Present
Employment Duration :2 yrs 3 months
Location : New Mexico, United States of America.

Senior Grade Asst.Professor

Company Name: College Of Engineering Guindy, Anna University Full-time
Dates Employed : Aug 2008 – Aug 2019
Employment Duration : 11 years
Location : Chennai Area: India

Designed and developed low-cost CONDITION MONITORING systems for grinding process systems enabling many small-scale industries to get more job contracts. ...
Leveraged innovative infra-red and machine vision techniques for a first of a kind utilization for monitoring grinding processes.
Assisted 3 terms (8 years) Heads of the Department in administration in strategic planning in recruiting, purchasing and enhancing the infrastructure of the department
Actively involved as a key member and advisor in committees organizing nation-wide recruitment of graduate students and engineers.
Member of syllabus and curriculum review panel for mechanical engineering subjects for Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anna University and 500+ affiliated Engineering colleges.
Faculty advisor for under-graduate as well as graduate students.
Trainer for CAD/CAE courses offered to economically under-privileged students throughout Tamil Nadu, India organized by the AU-FRG Institute for CAD/CAM.
Played a major role in streamlining the admission process conducted by the Tamil Nadu Government for engineering colleges in 2017, and given recommendations to online admission system.
Active member of National Board of Accreditation process for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Anna University.
Counselor and Mentor for Non Residential Indian/foreign students in Anna University from 2009 till date.
PG Section in-charge from 2008 - 2016.
Convener for Maintenance Committee at the department level.
Translated and proof-read the Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for Tamil Medium students.
Presented various topics in International Conferences: 8 International & 4 National.
Published two research papers in International Journals.

Product Manager

Company Name: CADD Centre Training Services Pvt Ltd. Full-time
Dates Employed : Aug 2007 – Aug 2008
Employment Duration : 1 yr 1 mo
Location : Chennai Area: India

All India Product Manager for ANSYS. ...
Role: To teach the engineering theory behind ANSYS (Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials & Design of Machine Elements) to the faculty members of CADD Centres from all over India.

Senior Lecturer

Company Name: Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Full-time
Dates Employed : Feb 2006 – Jul 2007
Employment Duration : 1 yr 6 mos
Location : Chennai Area: India

Taught Kinematics of Machines, Dynamics of Machines, Engineering Graphics and Engineering Thermodynamics to the students of Mechanical Engineering from various semesters. ...
Produced more than 95% results in the End Semester Examinations..

Senior Lecturer

Company Name: Jerusalem College of Engineering
Dates Employed : Aug 2000 – Feb 2006
Employment Duration : 5 yrs 7 mos
Location : Chennai Area: India

Taught Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics and Thermodynamics to the Undergraduate Engineering
students. ...
Worked as Part time Lecturer for the period (Dec 2001- April 2003) as to do my masters in FULL TIME
Produced more than 90% pass result in Engineering mechanics and other Engineering subjects taught, in the University examinations.
An active member of the Library Committee, Canteen Committee .
Executive Warden for Boys hostel

Installation Engineer

Company Name: KONE Full-time
Dates Employed : Jan 1999 – Jul 2000
Employment Duration : 1 yr 7 mos
Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Had joined as Management Trainee and got elevated as Installation Engineer, in January 2000. ...
During my tenure, I managed a 5 crews of technicians and erection personnel. I installed and commissioned 3 Scenic lifts, 5 Passengers lifts and 1 Goods lift at Raheja Towers in Chennai, India. Also looked after the installation and commissioning of a new type mono-space lift (Lift without machine room) at Globus building, Chennai, India.